Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

This information provided is to assist you as you consider celebrating your wedding vows at Clinton United Church. We want your wedding day and your marriage relationship to be filled with love, joy, and meaning, so we will make every effort to support and assist you in your preparations. Consider the expectations you have of your wedding and compare those with the information in this pamphlet. If you feel comfortable with our requirements and understanding of a wedding service, please contact our minister to begin the process of booking your wedding.

The Christian Church is involved in weddings not only to fulfill a legal function, but also to offer the opportunity for such a commitment of self-giving love to take place within the context of a service of worship. A wedding in a church is an expression of our faith and deepens our appreciation of God’s love and care for us as revealed through Jesus Christ. We suggest that you consider enrollment in a Marriage Preparation Course to assist you as you move into a new and deeper phase in your relationship. Information about these courses will be available from our minister.

When you meet with the Minister, you will receive a service outline which, in consultation with the minister, you may personalize to best express your faith and commitment to one another.

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Personnel for Clinton United Church
Minister: Rev. Cathy Larmond • 519-482-9553 (Office) • 519-606-6063
Music Director: Louise Dockstader • 519-524-2247 (contact the church office)


A flat fee of $600.00 will apply as follows:
• $200 for use of the church building
• $200 for the minister
• $150 for the music director
• $75 for the custodian
• $50 for the sound technician


Extra Fees:
• $30 for the use of the candelabra and candles
• $30 for the pew candle holders and candles
• $50 for the Videotech if needed

Payment for the church building is due at the time of booking your wedding. We request that one week before the wedding you submit the balance fees, in separate labeled envelopes, to the church office. 

We ask that you make arrangements for the rehearsal well in advance of your wedding date.  We find that it is helpful if all those directly involved in the service, such as the wedding party, ushers, readers, soloists and parents are present. Our minister will be present for the rehearsal, will conduct your service and solemnize your wedding. Should you wish to include clergy from other denominations, there are a variety of opportunities in the wedding service for their participation. 

The music selected should be suitable for use in a place of Christian worship. Our Music Director has an ample selection of music appropriate for Christian wedding services, and will assist in the selection of music. It is our understanding that our Music Director will play for all services of worship, including weddings.  Any other arrangements, such as bringing someone in to play the piano or organ, must be approved by the Music Director.

All arrangements concerning the decorating of the church should be made with the minister and the caretaker. This includes use of candles, candelabra, pew-bows, flowers, etc. The use of confetti or rice in the church building or on the grounds is not permitted. 

Photographers/videographers wishing to record any aspect of the wedding service are asked to speak with the minister prior to the service. Photos may be taken during the processional, recessional, and signing of the register, but not during the service of worship.

The ushers should arrive 30 minutes before the wedding; the wedding party should gather at the pre-arranged place in the church about ten minutes in advance. 

In order to be legally married in the province of Ontario, you need a valid marriage license. Marriage licenses can be obtained from the municipal clerk office of your city, town, village or township. The marriage license is valid anywhere in Ontario for three months from the date of purchase.

Please bring your marriage license to the rehearsal.

You will receive a record of marriage on your wedding day.  To receive an official government certificate of marriage you need to apply to the government of Ontario. For more information about this, please consult the government website: