Church Bulletin for Sunday August 11, 2019

Pulpit Guest: Andrew Middleton
Guest Organist: Susanna Lyman

Rev. Cathy Larmond   519-606-6063,     cell  #519-436-3428

MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Louise Dockstader
CHURCH SECRETARY            Marilyn Seebach
Box 204 Clinton, Ontario   519-482-9553

Hearing assistive devices are available; please ask an usher for help.

**indicates standing, for those who are able


Life and Work of the Church

Andrew Middleton Licensed Lay Worship Leader. 
Lives in St Marys Ontario, 3 children (all grown) 4 dogs, I cat and 1 wife. Born and raised in England. Left UK 35 years ago, lived and worked in Paris France, Lausanne Switzerland, Bilbao Spain, Strasbourg France and 12 years in Nigeria West Africa before coming to Canada. Graduate of the Lausanne Hotel School, BA Hons. International Studies UWO, MSc. Education NY, USA ands MSc. Global Development Management Open University UK. Professor for last 10 years at Conestoga College in the school of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. 

Candle lighting

Call to Worship   (Worship Ways, after Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26)

One:   Do you really not know…
All:       that he is God of all in the heavens and on the earth?

One:   Have you really not heard…
All:       how she has brought princes to naught and oppressors to their knees?
One:   Haven’t you already been told…
All:       that you’re counted among the stars, and that you matter?
One:   Do you not know, have you not heard?
All:       We come to learn, we come for our strength to be renewed, we come in hope.


 *Hymn  #703     In the Bulb There is a Flower

Prayer  OF APPROACH (After Psalm 89: 1-4; 19-26) Unison

Holy God, we know how easy it is for us to forget who you are. It is easy for us to claim ignorance of your power and your love. It is so easy for us point fingers at others and forget our own roles in contributing to an unfair and unjust world. It is easy for us to block the images of oppression on television and on social media. Forgive our disregard, O God. Open all the closed corners of our minds that they may be opened to the reality of injustice all around us. Resensitize us unto our human selves so that we can be appropriately appalled and pained at violence and oppression. Reconcile us to each other as one. Amen.

Special Guest                        Maarten Bokhout

Time with the Children

Hymn #365       Jesus Loves Me this I Know

Luke 12:32–40
Do not worry about what to eat or what to wear.

Psalm 50:1–8, 22–23 (VU p. 775)
God the Almighty has spoken.

Contemporary Readings
Globalization with a human Face
UN Human Development Report 1989

Spirituality in sports Psychology
Thierry R F Middleton             C S Lewis

**Hymn 575    I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me

Faith in today’s world – Personal Reflections

Offertory Hymn: We Give Thee But Thine Own 543 v. 1
Offertory Prayer

Prayers of the People


** Hymn 822     All People that on Earth do Dwell


**Threefold Amen



Coffee Helena McShane, Marie Black
Next week 
   Eileen McGregor, Karen Tait      
Ann MacLean, Joan Bell

Rev Cathy is on holidays till August 19.
For emergency Pastoral Care call Barb Hicks, 519-482-9572

July and August Services 

No Sunday School or Nursery during the summer

Aug 4             Gloria Wilbee              

Aug 11            Andrew Middleton

Aug 18            Barbara Hicks

Come out and listen to our guest speakers and special music during our summer break.