A Church can’t function without its Groups and Committees to carry on the work of the Church. Select a group from the list to see more information about it.

Ministry and Personal

The M&P Committee is a confidential, consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship. We oversee the pastoral charge ministry, particularly in the roles and functions of paid and volunteer leaders. We play a supportive role while at the same time carry out supervisory functions. M&P members will provide a consultative, confidential and supportive agency for the staff and members/adherents of Clinton United Church.
Please feel free to contact a member of M&P Committee anytime.
Lori Lear (Chair), Murray Lobb, Jane Groves, Gerda Abbott

PRESBYTERY REPRESENTATIVES: Ross Carter, Linda Dunford, Vacant position to be filled


All property that is held in trust or acquired for the use of a congregation or pastoral charge shall be held and administered by the board of Trustees. This body is appointed by or on behalf of the congregation, within terms that are set forth in the Trusts of Model Deed (appendix II of the Manual). Note that this function is distinct from day-to-day church management functions and specifically involves those matters related to investments, capital indebtedness, major renovation or capital improvements, property acquisition and adequate insurance.
Gary Haist (Chair), Phyllis Edwards, Bill Gibson, Janice Cosgrove, Gord Lavis, Don Jefferson, Tim Collver


The purpose of this committee is to facilitate the congregation's involvement in Christian Outreach and Environment. It is important: that the work of the Outreach Committee not become the mission of the committee alone, but always be carried out in conjunction with the support and on behalf of the wider congregation. In addition to mission interpretation or education, the committee needs to report regularly to the congregation about its work. In order to respond best to requests from both within and outside the church, committee members need to he aware about what the United Church M&S Fund is already doing.
Jean Flemming, Joan Addison, Heather Flemming, Rosemary Edward, Helena McShane, Shelly McPhee Haist, Audrey Lyndon, Marilyn Aiken           

Finance & Property

Purpose is to oversee the financial health of our congregation and to oversee the upkeep and care of the physical facilities and contents of the church so that we may have a physical base from which to minister to our members and to our community.
Maartin Bokhout (Chair), Marilyn Seebach (Recording Steward), Marilyn Seebach (Treasurer), Jane Groves, Ruby Kumm, JoAnn Walker, Don Jewitt, Ian Fleming, Merv Kumm, Ian Hulley, Bill Marshall, Kathy Hunking, Kevin Dutot, Gary Black, Dale Cressmann

Christian Ed & Teen Leadership

It is the purpose of this committee to study, plan, facilitate and enable the continuing faith education of all people, regardless of age.  This education is a necessary part of our congregation’s ministry and essential to our growth in Jesus Christ.
Rose Park (Superintendant and Chair), Marianne Menzies, Pat Shaddick, Karen Popp, Lexie Murch

Worship & Music

It is the purpose of this committee to oversee the worship service and enable our congregation to express the song of faith that lives in each believer’s heart and in so doing to ensure the provision of a higher calibre of music in the life and work of our congregation.
Jeff Hearn (Chair), Ted McDowell, Mary Gibbings (Official Board Alt), Bruce Lockhart, Marg Makins (Official Board Rep), Liz Kruspe, Shirley Carter, Louise Dockstaderex-officio

Pastoral Care

Purpose is to co-ordinate visitation as deemed appropriate, oversee the care of the needy and visiting the sick, keep the roll of the church to include the records of members, children and adherents, the register of baptism, marriage and burials and the provision of up-to-date visitation lists.
Linda Dunford (Chair), Betty Young, Marg Rogerson, Ann Cox, Dianne Weber, Marg Caldwell  


Each group (committee/organization/representative) will have two designates to the Official Board. To start that will be one from each former church. The hope is to have better and more consistent representation on the official board from each group without making the size of the board so big that meetings get too hard to manage. One of the chief advantages of this model is that it is very scalable and so can handle a greater number of people but still remain effective. This is what we hope to accomplish in the years ahead.
Don Squires (Chair)
Marilyn Seebach (Recording Steward)
Marilyn Seebach (Treasurer)


Clinton United is privileged to enjoy the music of our senior choir accompanied on the piano or organ by Louise Dockstader, our Music Director.

Choir Practices are at 7:30pm on Thursdays. New members are always welcome.


Marlene Forbes, Nancy Wise (Presidents)
Nancy Turner (Secretary)
Lois Elliott (Official Board Rep)
Ann MacLean (Alternate)


Clinton United has an active A/V Committee looking after audio and video projection during each Sunday service. Our volunteers take turns creating the PowerPoint files each week as well as setting up microphones and projection equipment for special events. If you are interested in volunteering for this group, please contact Gary Black.
Link to the shared calendar for Committee volunteers.


Youth Programs at Clinton United consist of the Nursery and Sunday School.

Clinton United Church Sunday School follows the 'One Room Sunday School’ curriculum. The class is for children in kindergarten to grade six. The nursery is available for pre-school children. The children are taught a different bible story each week, they make a craft and do an activity that relates to the lesson. Intergenerational services are scheduled four Sundays during the year, On Intergenerational services, children do not go to their classroom but stay and participate in the church service in the Sanctuary. Our Sunday School calendar is from September to June. A snack is shared as well as fellowship and prayer. We have many Special Activity Sundays throughout the year