St. Patrick’s Day

The leprechauns came to Clinton United early this year and showed up in our congregation last Sunday. Randy “Shamus" McCovey was spotted near the rear of the church and attempts at getting him to reveal  the location of his pot of gold proved futile.

The service was conducted by our youth minister Kathy Douglas, who did a remarkable job of interpreting the story of Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Darby had caught a leprechaun and as a result was granted three wishes. But all his wishes were just for himself and the leprechaun tricked him into losing it all by offering Darby a fourth wish. The children at church were much more sharing and as a result, our little guests got to keep their gold with enough to share. And since the gold was filled with chocolate, it was a sweet pot of gold Kathy gave out.

Everyone wore their Irish on Sunday and the church was a sea of green. Even the choir donned their Irish colours. And after the service everyone retired to the auditorium for refreshments and friendship.