How to Spice Up a Blah Winter Weekend

We may be in the depths of winter, but that doesn’t mean things have to be dull. Sunday was Hockey Night in Clinton, only it wasn’t at night, but the Sunday morning service. The service was put together by our youth minister Kathy Douglas, who did a wonderful job of comparing the game of hockey to the game of life. Using hockey as an analogy of life, she discussed the  the importance of teamwork, and the many different people with different skills to organize and play that includes not only the players, but team managers, promoters, parents, and even fans.

Everyone was encouraged to come to church wearing their favorite team sweaters, and the youth and congregation got to participate in an exercise in teamwork. The congregation was split up in three groups, left wing, right wing, and centre and the youth split up into the blue baloon team and orange balloon team with the task of getting their balloons to the opposite side of the church. You could feel the positive energy in the air, and when the game was over, you could see how the spirits were lifted to a new high. Even the choir got into the spirit of things and came all decked out in their hockey finest.

That was Sunday, but Saturday evening saw another classic... Robby Burns Night! Ran as a fundraiser for the Optimist Club, it was a fine tribute to the Scottish poet. Optimist President Maarten Bokhout and VP Peggy Menzies hosted the event. The crowd was entertained by well known local pianist Gladys VanEgmond leading up to the start of the celebration after which the place lit up with flashy tartans and exuberant performers.

Of course, being Scottish, there couldn’t be a Bobby Burns night without the piper to pipe in the haggis or entertainment from our own talented (Scottsmen?) Paul Dockstader, Gary Black, Maartin Bokhout and Shawn Semple, and Scottsladys Shelley McPhee-Haist, Marie Black, and Elizabeth Haist. All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Stay tuned for next year.